Saturday, March 11, 2006

I must be getting old.

I bumped into my lil cousin the other day while shopping in the bronx. I asked her how she was doing and she told me everything was fine, she's in her last year of college and will be moving back to the city soon. So I gave her a ride back to manhattan and we talked about how things have change since we grew up.
Suddenly her phone rang and she answered it and it seemed as if the person on the other end called her a name or something and hung up. "oh boy" she said. I looked at her and knew it was someone playing games with her.
"who was that?" I asked not expecting her to know. "I don't know" she said " one of my enemies."
"Enemies??.......Who are you?....Batman? What do you mean enemies?" I started to laugh at her. She didn't think it was funny she took it very serious. "Your a twenty five year old college student, what the hell kind of enemies do you have? Yo, i knew it, your batgirl." And i laughed and laughed to my ribs hurted. "Was it the joker?"
"Chicks be hatin on me in school" she said. "What do you mean Hatin?" I asked her trying to regain my composure. "They mad because the dudes like me and cause i got money and them broke chicks ain't got nothing" Well I thought you went to college to get away from the street life. I did but its the same everywhere. I then tried to explain to my cousin that she had to change and not let people drag her down.
It took a while before i learned to filter the negative people, places and activities out of my life. But to hear my 25 year old career bound, soon to be college graduate, female cousin say that she has enemies made me think about some of the things that i have been through and how i could have avoided alot of it if I would had a little guidance from some one who could have guided me in the right direction.
Growning up I had plenty of people there to show me the streets but no one showed me how to get out of them. My whole life was trial and error. I winged my whole life, but I made it. Hopefully i can save others from the drama.
But I must of told a thousand Batman jokes before she slammed my car door. When she got out I called her cell but she didn't answer, so i left her a messenger. "Hey Batsy, why did the joker throw the clock out of the window? " Man shes mad at me :)

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