Monday, April 10, 2006

Another crazy dream

Its pitch black as the dream begins and i'm running through what seems like a forest. The branches and leaves brushing past my arms and face but it doesn't slow me down. I cant see whats ahead of me but its moving fast and i hear the snapping of the twigs under its feet.
The moon is the only light out and i use it as a guide so i can find my way back after i catch what ever it is.
There something in my hands thats light but hard and i use it to clear my path as i race forward into the dark bush. Suddenly i realize i can't hear the movement ahead any
more so i stop and listen for movement while scanning side to side
with my weapon. The object in my hands is an m16. then i hear the
heavy breathing to my 11 oclock and dash off towards the sound. "Got
you what ever you are" i think to myself and l feel the smile come
across my face. All of a sudden tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat i hear the sound
of machine gun fire to my right and dive to the ground seeking cover. as i'm going down i realize i'm still falling for what seems like forever before hitting the dirt. As i land i roll to a corner of the thirty foot hole i just fell into.
I scan the hole quickly but see nothing in the
blackness and then aim up towards the mouth of the ditch. I hear the
shuffling of the leaves before seeing the silhouettes of six figures with glowing red eyes staring down at me. They said nothing just stood there unwavering in the silence with the bright moon behind them. I reached slowly for a grenade on my belt but then i hear a deep growl and realize somethings in the hole with me. Then i felt its teeth bite my face and I wake up.

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