Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring Fever

My freakin allergies are killing me. I actually feel they get worst every year. My nose won't stop running, i almost crashed on the westside due to a chain of uncontrollable sneezes, I hate this. There has to be a cure. Benedryl makes you to tired to work. Claritan doesn't do anything, tylenol allergy, Ha. Maybe if i eat some moss off a central park tree i'll feel better, You know the cure would be something weird like that.

The Revlon run/walk for breast cancer is coming up. You gotta see me. Everybody is having a good time walking and jogging and playing around. Not this idiot, I'm running my ass off like its an actual race, knocking old ladies down, sweating, the chariots of fire music is playing in my head. :)

I've been participating in the event since 2001 when i got home from the army. My then mother In-law was running with her postal office crew so i signed up. It was nice, you get alot of free stuff at the end, you get to meet alot of great people and get a little exercise. Every year i get there late so i'm always in the back of the herd. By the time i make it to the front, the race is over. I think i was number 13 crossing the line the first year and number 26 the year after.

Well if your not doing anything that saturday, come out and support the cancer survivors.But don't forget to take your benedryl first :)

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