Friday, April 14, 2006

the train ride

On the subway. This is a lot cleaner than when i was growing up. theres no more graffiti no more trash in the aisles. I'm sitting here playing the don't look at the person sitting across from me game. You know what i'm talking about. Your on the train acting like your really interested in the stupid ads or the poetry in motion just so you don't have to look at the person sitting across from you who's thinking the same thing, playing the same game.

Theres two guy's two my left front talking loud making all of us black people appear ignorant. I hate it. They are the reason i get a hard time. they are the reason i get followed around when i'm shopping. Then again, they are what i was a few years ago. And maybe i'm just jealous of their sense of freedom.

One guy stares at me when he notices me looking at him. He tries to play hard rock. Pants hanging off his ass, butter soft face, not quiet a pretty boy but he tries. No scars on his hands. No weight on him. that lil 160lbs ain't gonna save ya kid. He's not a fighter. taller guys usually don't know how to fight. the short guys usually are the ones you need to watch for. they were picked on in school and had to prove themselves. Taller guys were feared because the were taller and never fought. i was short in school and i have the scars to prove it. but of course there are exceptions.

I smile, the poor idiots wouldn't know what hit em. his baggey pockets are flat. No hidden weapons, he's been talking for 10 minutes, no razor in his mouth. He would of adjusted it by now. f6ck em.

These dam seats were made for kids. My shoulders are taking up half the seat to my right and half to the left. But people squeeze their fat butts in any way. Then i look at the two older white people. An older man with nice silver hair and a short old lady with glasses. Her white hair looks like a wig. Her hands are bent and showed the results of her many years on this world. The old man is in good shaped for his age. probably never known a day of hunger. Never ate franks and beans or a WISH sandwich.

The train rocks the standing passengers back and forth. the females standing are looking at me like i owe them something. Sh!t. you wanted women's lib, now stand your ass up. If you ain't cripple, old or pregnant you can stand. I just did 16hrs. i ain't getting up cause, you won't even say thank you. A pretty black female in her mid twenties in standing by the door. Her pant's zipper is halfway open. I would tell her but she looks like she thinks she's cute. But , me being mr. nice guy, tries to tell her quietly . I try to get eye contact. She looks at me and before i could gesture to her, she rolls her eyes. "Why you stuck up lil....." she ain't worth it.. let her ride all the way home with half the train staring at those pink lace panties. She ain't that cute.......(With her hairy ass. :)

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