Friday, April 14, 2006

bored ->dumb-> boredum


My social life has gone to hell. I don't hang out with the boys no more and when i do hang out the things i used to love to do are getting on my nerves. I spent superball sunday in the house alone typing a report while the superbowl played in the back ground. and i actually enjoyed doing that.

Just a few years ago i loved to hang out in the clubs in NYC. The music used to be so loud that it made your heart pound fast. The hundreds of people all dancing to the same rythm. The thick smokey air and the ever changing lights made the entire experience seem dreamy.

But fast forward to present day. I Went to a club a few days ago. The music was so loud that it made my head throb and everytime someone asked me something i was mad because i couldn't hear them. And that dreamy smokey air has now become a moving cloud of cancer. It stuck in my clothes and came out of my pours.

But i guess i'm just getting old and grouchy.

I spent a couple of days in Albany for some Identity Theft training. Identity crimes are the new hot crime of the decade. With the technology advancing and becoming cheaper, criminals have yet another way to rob you , and this time them don't need a gun, knife of any other weapon. The new weapon is a computer. Your computer. When you send your personal information across the internet it is intercepted by these guys who call you up and tell you you just one a sweepstakes,prize, lottery or contest that you did not apply for and then they ask you to verfiy some info. The same info you just put on the net. And sooner or later they are gonna ask you for the one thing that you did not put on the internet. ie, D.O.B, SS# or mothers maiden name. and then they got you. they'll have credit cards in your name before you can call your bank.

Well back to my sad as life, you can't fight getting old so you might as well take advantage of the experience you gained and live the rest of your life to the fullest.

My new thing is bar hopping. I used to have this weird idea about bars. I thought they were shady little places were old lonely men go to drink their lives away, and drugs and prostitutes were plentiful.

But its cool. It's like a smaller,calmer and quieter version of a club. Young mature adults drinking with friends and having a good old time with the usuals for thatbar. Rags in harlem in a cool little cop bar. Its located across from the 025 precinct so theres never any fights there( unless its a drunk off duty cop).

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