Monday, April 17, 2006

on the train again

So i'm on the train right. Just had a nice cool day at work, so i'm ready for a nice relaxing night. I'm wearing my street clothes with a book bag with one of my supervisors laptop in it. You know most older people don't know much about computers so he asked me to update it for him. You know aol 9.0 optomized, power dvd, and a linksys wireless network router. Basic stuff but he thinks i'm a computer geek now,( mo money, mo money , mo money) .

Anyway i'm standing near the door watching these young girls act crazy laughing loud and just being young. Then i heard " Yo, what the f^ck". To my far left is a group of 9 black guys between the ages of 17- 22. Then i see the guy who made the statement staring at me. "what the f6ck" he says again louder this time with his face turned to a grill. At first i thought ,do i know this kid? He began to walk towards me. Then my brain kicked in . All of them are wearing red. Young wanna be bloods. Ok, Get out of relax mode,Robo. back on the clock.

He's young and cocky and trying to intimidate me. So i did what came natural, I smiled, my usual devilish smile.. The train which was just so crowded a second ago is now filled with people moving to the opposite side of the car expecting the fight.

And then i started a lil giggle nder my breath, what is this initiation day? I've been here a thousand times, but now i'm the vic. Wow, i was picked out as a vic. ME, That means they looked at me and saw weakness. I couldn't believe it. So lil homie comes past me and looks me from head to toe and balls his fist. At the same time, i loosing my hidden ASP tactical baton from its holster.

Now a second blood walks over and stands across from me. I laugh. Bad stance.I have his whole frontal to destroy. The fist kid stands beside me and leans on the door next to me.his fist are still balled. So i laugh again out loud this time. Bullock is going to kill me about breaking his laptop. the train was starting to move. I been in train fights before this is the time when you strike, between stops.

" You 'bout to get your self killed" I said to the kid next to me while staring at his partner across from me in a loud vocie. People began to go into the other cars. He looked at his boy and just stood neck he has. I'm going for his throat. His boys m get some good licks on my back. But my forearm on his throat will end his little life. You might cut me, but you'll bury your boy.

"no you can't have my money"shouted loud, followed by a back hand punch to the nose and then a rush in frontal headlock and his mother would be on the news showing a picture of him in a suit saying how much of a good boy he was. while those same friends cried and kissed his cold,hard,dead face. But i'm defensive , NOW, so, i'll let him decide his fate.

Nothing. He unballed his fist and stared at his boy. Nobody moved. Then the next stop came,which was my stop. The doors opened and i stepped backwards out and stood there. "yeah you scared you punk ass ni66a"said one of the other foolish ones who didn't approach me. I stared in the eyes of the kid who had siad so much and done so little. all i saw was fear. He wanted a easy vic, someone who wouldn't fight back. But he came close to dying a unnecessary death. with friends who could only hurt me but could not save him. I smiled again" get off the train" i said to the one with the new words.

I was chosen as a Vic, WOW, told you i'm getting old. talk to ya later.

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