Tuesday, April 25, 2006

terrorist movie plot contest

I submitted this for the terrorist movie plot contest from a very popular blob i ran into, i hope the feds don't start looking for me :)

rock on Announcing: Movie-Plot Threat Contest:

With millions of immigrants flooding the country the USA feels they are losing their country. A high level politician influences congress to pass laws to force all immigrants out of the country. A resistance is established to combat the fascist USA and claim that this land belongs to the world. A civil war erupts. All troops abroad are called home. A sinister connection is discovered. The 9/11 hijackers, Bin Laden, The immigrant hating politician, the resistance. All peices of the same puzzle, all al Quaeda.

( powerful drum music starts......., scenes flash across the screen -----9/11 attack footage----- Politician rousing congress in a speech----- Immigrants protesting in front of the white house----American soldiers fighting each other in NYC----EXPLOSION........smoke settles.... Arabian music plays and as the smoke clears Bin Laden walks out of a cave with the american flag but as the screen backs up we realize the cave is at mount rushmore where thousands of muslims are gathered and scream in a roar "Allah Akabar" .Music ends with movie start date. 9/11/06 :)


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