Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Its funny if you drive a highway enough times you start to memorize every bump and turn. Last night i'm on americas roughest stretch of road, The FDR and i realized i could practically drive it blindfolded. I usually get on at 132street heading southbound and easy over to the far left to avoid the triboro exit traffic, from there i get back int the right lane to avoid the traffic thats merging from the bronx. From there your prettty good until you get to the two tunnels the first one is tricky because of the construction and you should stay in your far left to avoid smacking into a divider they have there that on a sunny day you will probably run into it before your eyes adjust to the darknbess.Continuing through this tunnel be prepared for yellow cabs to be ducking in and out of traffic so take it easy. The next tunnel you come to has a very uneven left lane so stick to your right and you can do 50 safely, cause that left lane will toss everything in your car especially that old battery in your trunk you never returned.
After that there s more smooth sailing all the way to the houston exit, before you get there be careful when driving to the elevated turn because theres usually a traffic delay out of your view. Then of course theres the brooklyn bridge/civil center exit. This is where the idiots try to be cute. Now of course if everyone got in the exit lane in advanced the traffic would be nice and smooth but usually you have these dam fools who like to stay in the middle lane and cut people off at the last dam moment skipping everyone whos patiently waiting in the exit lane. These idiots, police taking people to court,those dam cabbies again and people like me who are very familiar with the highway usually make the exit frustrating for all involved as we fight to beat that one person who pissed you off to the finish line.

I swear its an adventure everytime.

If you don't think the FDR is rough try this; buy a new car and drive it twice a day the entire stretch and let me know how your cars doing in 6 months. But if you switch lanes as i've explained you'll avoid some of the "ouches". And if you see a silver 2004 ford taurus trying to cut you off at the bridge let him through he's a nice guy :)


Harlem Snowflake said...

nycrobo, I haven't visited in a minute b/c I've been bad about reading my own email, much less anyone's blogs. But I'm back. I really like your entries. Love your subway stories. I don't drive on the FDR unless I happen to be in cab comoing home from some damn birthday party on the LES or somethign and got too drunk to manage the subways at 2am...anyway, there really is a science to it, isn't there? Usually I'm just so happy to have the blissfully rare experience of being in a moving vehicle that holds only me and another person, I'm just staring out the window, feeling the air on my face...that's my FDR.

nycrobo said...

thank for reading, snowflake. Yea i guess you do enjoy the fdr when your riding checking out the view. But driving it sucks

Anonymous said...

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