Friday, May 12, 2006

a bronx tale

My coworker krys has her office decorated with many picutres of friends, family, and her crazy college buddies.Of all the faces, there has always been this one of a beautiful latina who always caught my eye.It wasn't just her physical beauty it was the eyes. With me its always something in the eyes. After a year and a half of calling the beautiful girl in the pic my future wife i finally met her tonight.
may 11, 2006After standing krys up for her house warming, her going away party and many other get togethers ,it was either make it tothe yankees game at her house or say good bye to my knee caps :).So me, willie and Krsy stopped at the supermarket picked up some food and beers and went to krys house. When we arrivedHer crazy as brother and her husband were in the living room. As i went to put the beers down in the kitchen There she was. Inmy head I heard the music " I only got eyes for you."( i know chessy but thats what i heard :) )
She was even better looking in person than i imagined. The pictures did her no justice. I tried to play it cool with a simple whats up. But wow.As we settled in the living room we all began to joke around about the yankees, our jobs and what ever came to mind.Unlike the akward times when i met others that i thought was beautiful it was so easy to speak to her. she was down to earth.had a beautiful outlook on life and seemed to glow. THe girl was everything a man could want she held it down when the meal came,which surprised me because she had a beyonce figure. She drunk a few beers with us, c'mon what more can a man want.
Through out the night her laughter made me smile and she honestly seemed to be completely comfortable around meeting me for the first time and just talking aboutwhatever came up.At the end of the night everyone prepared to go home and since she was headed to manhattan i gave her a lift.On the ride home i said " soi finally get to meet you after seeing your pics all this time" She smiled" do you like me or my pictures better" she asked. I looked in her eyes and the few seconds seemd like the best momentsof my life. "the pics don't do you no justice, your beautiful" She smiled and my heart began to swim. But as she began to sing along to the jagged edge song playing inthe car i thought about how innocent she seemed and how much of a future she had. And my smile went away.MY life is so complicated and my past is catching up to me fast. Even though i'm walking with the angels now i was on the otherside far to long to be far from it.I glanced at her. How dare i taint this beautiful soul. How could i tarnish what is now shining so bright. " We should hang out sometime "she said. " Let me know the next timeyour at a bar near me." I smiled. As we arrived to her place i reached out to shake her hand and she kissed me on the cheek. I love spanish woman :)it was a pleasure" she said . All mine. She went in the house and i drove away thinking how much more beautiful she was now that i have met her.Sadly i have to keep it on the friendly. She deserves better.
But i do feel like a better person just for having the chance to meet Bianca.

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