Friday, May 26, 2006

A few Coronas in the park

A few days ago two of my coworkers and i wanted to go out for a few drinks but we didn't have much cash on us. The last few times we went out it got pretty expensive. At Bowlmor lanes we paid $6.50 for beers and my long islands cost me about 13 bucks each. Way to expensive for a bowling alley. At the red roadhouse we ended up spending about $80 bucks each. we had fun but dam that was too much money to spend on a tuesday.
So armed with twenty bucks and a bottle opener we headed to a bodega and picked up two six packs of coronas and a bag of lays potatoe chips. It was funny carrying the six packs into the park like kids sneeking around behind their parents backs. The dam law has changed so much that you can't even enjoy a beer outside anymore, but here we were, Looking for a good spot to sit down and have a few.

Finally we stopped by west 90th street in central park and walked up to the benches near the resevoir. There was hundreds of people jogging back and forth but no signs of the police so we settled down and began drinking and telling stories and laughing at the joggers. I felt kinda lazy around all of these people who were in such great shape, running and stretching and here i was drinking beer and eating chips but screw it, i had a rough week, i'll run on saturday.
After seeing a lady kiss her dog on the mouth, (i know disgustin right) we started talking about people having sex with their animals. So Ilcia started to tell us that she was listening to the radio one day and a female caller said that she had a new boyfriend and that everytime he came around, her dog went nuts and barked and followed him around the whole time he was at her apt. Well one day she came home early and found the boyfriend having sex with the dog. But the worst part was the dog had her panties on.
We started laughing our asses off and i'm sure the joggers thought we were some kind of lowlifes but that was funny as hell.
Before we knew it it was 9:30 at night and we were on our last beers. Something came through the bushes from behind me. Thinking that it was someones dog looking for a good spot i reached back to pet it. My boy said is that a racoon? And i smiled "yea right". I turned and looked and sure enough it was a big ass racoon sniffing my hand. We started laughing and ran our asses out of the park. who the hell put a racoon in central park.