Friday, May 26, 2006

the rollover

Its my last week in texas, my last week as a soldier and i'm ready to party. No more army , no more orders....Freedom. people don't realize how much the military controls their soldiers. They change the way you dress,the way you talk and even the way you walk. (they marched my bop and swagger out)
So my boy Dowe wants to take one last trip to 6th street in Austin. 6th street is a huge strip with clubs side to side and soldiers loved it. It was like mardi gra every weekend there.The first time i went there i saw these two blonds get topless in a club and start making out with each other. I was hooked every since.
Now there are two ways to austin from hood, one is route 190 and the other i can't remember the name of it but the soldiers from hood were forbidden to use the road because it was considered dangerous ,but it was alot quicker. We were dressed for a night out and he wants to drive his suburban so we get it washed and buy a six pack of corona for the trip. He wants to take the soldier killer route there, No prob i'm outta the army in a few days, right fuck it.
On the way there dowe is talking about how i should stay in the army, what am i gonna do now and people are gonna miss me and blah blah blah. And then we started reminscing about funny stuff that happened in kosovo like when one of the tanks ran over the sgt majors humvee during night ops. So we are laughing and talking, fucking with the radio not paying no attention to the signs. We are doin about 87 mph and we start to approach a very sharp turn. we are laughing and joking and singing with the radio. We didn't see the first sign that said said slow down. we are laughing and drinking a few coronas and we didn't see the warning "15 miles an hour for the turn" sign. i opened my eyes after laughing really hard to see the yellow and black arrows indicating a sharp turn. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< I started screaming over the radio the only thing that would come out " YO YO YO YO YO" ..........the tires started screeching...................the vehicle started turning but my side of the truck is flying straight towards the arrows "shit too fast, too fast" ..BOOm boOm BooM BoOm ....BoOm ......BOOM..... BOOM................ ..........BOOM.
"Unnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh" Dowe was moaning and coughing. i'm upside down the right side of my face is completely numb. somebody is holding my hand" Hang on brother your ok" its dark all around except for the headlights. " shaq shaq shaq wake up''dowe moaned. i must've been in a daze. Someone had stopped to help us ,a white man wearing a red plaid shirt. "Your gonna be ok don't move" he said.
suddenly the numbness started to turn to pain " dowe you ok?" he was spitting blood all over the place broken glass was every were. What the hell is that smell grass, my cologne, beer spilled everywhere and gas. GAS .. shit the cars going to blow up. I start strugglin to free myself from the seat belt and the good simaritan is telling me to calm down and i'm panicking. " get me out of here, its going to blow up." ( i watch too much tv :) ) and then that was it . I passed out again and woke up at Darnell Army hospital. my head was killing me and the nurse began to ask me questions to see if i was fully aware. Dowe broke his collar bone and lost 6 teeth. And lucky me a concussion to the head and a nasty bruise from the seat belt on my neck.

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