Sunday, June 11, 2006

what a week

Last week was crazy as hell but what else is new. We staged a sick out at work. It was great, the administration had no idea it was coming until 70 of us began called out right behind each other. We would strike but it is illegal for us and the union wouldn't have backed us up.
It wasn't a long sick out we all stayed out for two days ,all three shifts, but theygot the message.
Next time they'll listen to us instead of making bad decisions about punishing one of our guys for doing his job.

Watched the fight on saturday. Not bad, i wanted Hopkins to knock tarver out but as long as he won every round i'm happy. Before the fight i got into a arguement about the guy al Zarkawi who was killed by the US airstrike. I still don't understand what the big deal was. All i said was Zarkawi never traveled over seas to attack innocent people. He's just striking out at people who he considers invaded his peoples land or people who are aiding them. Man the guy's went crazy!!!

But I really don't see what he has done that most of us wouldn't if the US was invaded. Supposed you woke up and we were being invaded by north or south Korea, whichever is the evil one. north i think :) I would strike out at their military at any chance i got and i would probably be called a terrorist, but you as an american, what would you call me.

But now my friends think i'm crazy. Well crazier than normal. But they know how patriotic i am. Alot of them complain bout america but it's still the greatest country in the world. My travels have led me to the point where i would really perfer to be homeless here than well off in 90 percent of the countries aroud the world.
My girl friend is starting to be a pain in the butt. I need to rethink alot of things and start searching craig's list for a new apt. Not in Harlem, unfortunately i can't afford my hometown anymore :(. Well Enough for now. Later

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