Friday, December 15, 2006

The comfort of a child

comfort of a child
I saw a lil kid spinning and thought of this:

I remember how secure I felt as a child . My parents could do anything with me and I would have total faith in them. My pops would pick me up and tell me to stand up on the bumpbed, to close my eyes and fall back. Shaky at first, but I would do it and sure enough he was there to catch me, just as I thought I would hit the ground.
My mom would pick me up and swing me around in circles as I stared at the ceiling light twirling round and round. But then she would put me on the ground and as disoriented as I felt I would walk and begin to laugh as vertigo took over me. I would stumble and she would catch me. Every time.

Today as I spin round and round in this crazy world I know for sure that I am alone and that if I ever stepped out alone I would fall. Who would catch me if I fell backwards with both eyes closed?

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