Saturday, December 16, 2006


My doorbell rung and woke me up. When i opened my bedroom door my cat, Kobe was sitting there like he was waiting for me. I walked pasted him and asked who is it, but their was no one there. Wierd.
I went to the kitchen to get a lil water and the cat ran behind me and said he was hungry. So i started to look in the cabinet for his food. "sorry, Kobe, your all out little buddy.". He looked pissed. " you put it in the other cabinet he said. So i checked and still no food. "Nope, i gotta go get you some in the morning, do you want some tuna?".
"I'm tired of slippin shaq" the cat said as he sat down by his bowl. "whatever" I said. I got my drink of water and walked out of the kitchen. "asshole."
"What did you say?" I asked the cat. He didn't say anything. I shook my head and went back to bed I must be bugging. Cats can't curse.

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