Saturday, December 16, 2006

A summer in Brooklyn

When i was 13 My sister and i went to spent the summer with my father in brooklyn. My sister hated being away from mom, so you would usually find her clinging to my mothers leg, but not this summer. She really didn't have a choice, I on the other hand loved the chance to spend more time with my pops. My father was great man in my eyes. Strong, smart and the women loved him. He went out with tons of girlfriends in my younger years and they were all beautiful smart women. nurses, bankers and even a lawyer.
One friday while we were there my father took us to my uncles house to stay for the weekend while he and his lawyer friend went to las vegas. My uncle had three children, junior who was about 18, tasha was 16 and tisha was 14 and they loved their two cousins from harlem. The minute we got to their house, the girls grabbed us by our hands and ran us out side to show us to the neighborhood. It was weird how a little bridge made such a difference between manhattan and brooklyn. My uncles block was lined with trees which create a beautiful shade for the block even on the sunniest days. The trees stood tall and its branches reached over the streets to touch the branches from across the street. The kids we met were a lively bunch who didn't worry about wearing name brand clothes or sneakers. They all seemed as if fashion didn't matter to them. This was a far stretch from the kids in manhattan. We all wore jordans and karl kani jeans (remember those). We demanded the latest sneakers from our parents. But the truth was we were just as poor as these brooklyn kids.
The next day we were all outside when my uncle had left for work. It was about noon time and the girls appeared extremely anxious for him to leave. As the car drove off Tasha asked me to come with her up stairs to get some water. I didn't think nothing of it until my lil sis tried to follow us upstairs and tasha told her to stay outside with tisha. When tasha was walking up the stairs i notice how nice her legs were. Tasha was much taller than me at the time and to me her legs appeared to go on forever. Her caramel legs were enhanced by the lotion she was wearing. I could smell the vanilla fragrance as i day dreamed about how soft they must feel.
When we got up stairs tasha took me to her room and turned the tv on and told me to sit down on her bed while she went to the bathroom. I looked around her room and saw the many celebrities she had admired in her right on magazines. I heard the water running and assumed that tasha was drinking water from the batroom faucet but then listening to the splashing of the water i could tell that she was washing up. I wanted to go peep at her. I wondeed how she looked withno clothes on. Was her entire body the same color of those beautiful legs? Was she washing her private spot? Suddenly tasha came out of the bathroom and i didn't even look her way. I pretended to be watching doogie houser MD that was on the tube. Tasha walked to the front door of the house and i heard her slide the chain on the door. Suddenly my penis twitched and began to swell. I was slightly embarassed and mentally tried to make it go down before she noticed the lump in my sweat pants.
Tasha walked in striking a match and i looked her way for the first time. She was smoking a cigarette from her father's room and was staring at me with a funny look. I smiled at her and then noticed that tasha's shirt was being pierced by her hard nipples and her shirt was slightly lifted by the roundness of her breast. It seemed as time had stood still and i was in some cheesy movie.She stood in the doorway smoking a cigarette in her short shirt and her white panties looking at me smiling. "What's wrong" she said.
I tried not to acknowledge that she removed her shorts. "you smoke cigarettes?" i stuttered. " yup,i'm a bad girl" She said smiling. She walked over to the bed. and sat beside me. I gazed at her legs again. She took her right leg and put it over my left knee " you like doogie howser?" she said . "nah,idon't watch tv." i replied
"You wanna watch tv with me" she said. gathering courage i stated " I don't care" she slowly laid me on my side and position herself in front of me as she covered us with the covers. We pretended to watch tv. Because she was taller than me i couldn't see beyond her shoulders so i laid there as she began to press against me . she placed her hand behind her and opened my pants. My penis began to throb again and i felt it growing. The smell of her french vanilla lotion brought me to reality. This was no pissy tailed little girl here.
i decided to help her and pulled my pants down slowly to my knees. She complied and reached down and removed her panties and put them under her pillow. At first her flesh felt cold pressed aganst my groin but then as she moved closer to continue her grinding it felt buttersoft. I laid there at first stiff as a board and then i picked up on her motions and began to copy her rotation. " you better not tell nobody" tasha said in a low voice. I whispered" I'm not" Then she took my hand and palced it in front of her and i felt her soft moist bush. Now although i was only 13 this wasn't my first time touching a girls privates, but this was the first time i felt hair. she pumped and opened her legs and began to push my fingers in side her. The softness amazed me. I thought about lei mai a chinese girl from my school that i played Doctor with when i was eleven i remembered how hard it was to penetrate her with my finger. Tasha reached back and grabbed me. It was the first time anyone had ever touched my penis. She started to pump it and began to direct me into her from the rear. At first she had trouble getting it in but then with one spread of her butt cheeks i felt the moistness and the more she pumped the more wetness i felt she pumped harder and harder makin my penis wetter with her juices.
After several moments she pulled me out of her and layed on her back. my pants were still wrapped around my ankles, which made it difficult to manuever on top of her but i managed and i put my penis into her hairy muff. As i began to pump she lifted her t shirt and told me to suck her nipples which i did. It seemed like the most amazing thing to me to have myself in another person, I felt so connected to her as we layed there pumping sweating in the summer heat, once in a while giggling at a mishap or two. I noticed on the clock that we had been screwing around for and hour and a half when 2pm struck but neither of us were tired and she had her finger nails digging deep in my butt pushing me into her special spot. I love tasha at this moment and i never wanted to stop what we were doing and we enjoyed each other for a good remainder of the after noon.
At 2:30 tisha and my sis came up stairs tasha opened the front door and came back to her bedroom and locked the door when my sister asked whee i was she said he's asleep. After locking the door tasha came in and climbedon top of me." do you want to be my special boyfriend she asked" " yes " i said trying to catch my breath. And then once again i was iside her his time she was on top and in control. She began to moanand it was clear she enjoyed it more beibg on top . That lil thing ain't never goin down huh. I didn't know what she meant. I had never ejaculated before. She then did the weirdest thing. She put her tongue in my mouth and moved it from side to side round and round. Then she started to act as if something was hurting her so i stopped pumping she grinded harder into me," don't stop"" and i started pumping again. she started to shake and she moaned and hen she got back into her stride ad she began to pump on me harder and harder. As the third hour approached i bean to get really sore from her hairs brushing against my skin. tasha was ok though except for her occassional pause to strech her legs. Then the bell rung. " tasha looked at the clock. " oh shit juniors home" she jumped up and threw her panties and shorts on i went to the bathroom and washed myself. Junior was a big dude with muscles ever where , i was afraid to think what he would do if he found out what we had been doing all day. Tisha had opened the door for junior and he came straight too tasha's room. Tasha was half way finished making up the bed when he puched the door open. I came out the bathroom in time to look at him taking a smell of the room. "What the hell is that smell????" he yelled. Aw dam i thought he's gonna break my arm. He looked at me coming from the bathroom and looked at tasha. "I'm telling been smoking again!"
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