Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shopping rage

Why do people take their children shoppin for xmas gifts? I saw hundreds of kids in the toy stores with their parents picking out their own gifts. What the hell kinda xmas is that. Do they really let the kids see the gift then wrap them and have them open them on xmas morn? ..Thats stupid.
Our christmas growing up was alot different. Up until Xmas day you never saw the gifts. I don't know where she hid them but my mom didn't even put our gifts under the tree. Under the tree was gift for friends and distant family. But she really kept up the appearance that santa brought them on Xmas. But the best thing was we didn't have to wait until the morning for the toys. Midnight. "Kids wake up Santa just left" and then there was a mad dash down the hall. The amazement of all the toys scattered across the floor. Wow , Memories.

Well back to my lil adventures shopping. I went to circuit city (79 street and Broadway) to get one simple thing. Play station portable. Sound simple right? Go in the store picked it up get online pay and leave. That was the plan.
Man I felt like Frodo on his quest for the Ring. when i first walked in I saw a line with about 50 people on it. "Pick up line" I laughed to myself. all those people must have ordered online to try and beat the crowds. Losers. Bet they didn't plan on that long as line. Then I find the section where they have the Psp displayed and waited for five minutes while the young store clerk explains the difference between the psp on sale by itself and the PSP pack with accessories. After hearing her repeat her self over and over i cut in while the guy was calling his wife on the phone to ask permission to spend an extra fifty bucks for the pack.
Me: Excuse me I want the psp Package.
Clerk: Ok .Just go over to customer service and you can pay for it there.
Me: Thank you
Ok i'm still in a sorta good mood. I should have known they were selling them right at the display. My Bad.
THe Customer service line only had 4 people on it so I waited 10 minutes and decided to skip ahead and ask to see if i was on the right line because it was moving.
Me: Excuse me can i buy the PSP here?
Customer service: No, you have to go to the cashier.
Ok Now i'm getting pissed. Stupid fucking clerk wasted 10 minutes of my time.
The cashiers line had 35 people on it. There goes my lunch hour. I stood on line and tried not to be too upset. This is my fault for doing this last minute shopping. Again. Just like every christmas before.
One freaking cashier. A freckle face teen. He had to be holiday help. 25 clerks on the floor, but only one register working. This is a conspiracy. They do this on purpose. The longer your online the more time you have to think about all the thing you forgot. This is freaking crazy. Theres a young blonde girl (hereinafter referred to as bubblehead) ahead of me talking on her cellular phone loudly.
I don't know if it's because I hate to hear other peoples conversations or the long wait on the line but she was working my nerves. Twenty minutes and i only took about four steps. Finally I get close to the front and an older lady opens another register. " Credit card purchases only" she said. The bubble head walks over and the clerk rings up her purchases. she had about ten items. Then the clerk tells her the cost and she passes the clerk a few bucks. " Credit card purchases only" She repeated. GRRRR!

Finally I get to the clerk.
Doesn't it feel great to finally reach the clerk :)

Clerk: How can I help you.
Me: Playstation Portable pack please.
Clerk: Ok Thats $249.99.

I paid and she handed me a receipt.
Clerk: Thank you for shopping. Take this receipt down stairs and get on the pick up line for your purchase..

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