Monday, January 08, 2007


I woke up this morning actually anticipating the day. Weird for a Monday morning but after attending a funeral yesterday I guess I needed to get my mind off of my personal business for a lil while. When I got to work I got that annoying feeling that I left some thing and spent the first fifteen minutes checking my self. Keys, Wallet, Shield, cell phone..... Everything that I usually left was there. Oh well.

The feeling was still bugging me..I left something..

Keys, Wallet, Shield, cell phone.....

8:30 am I started working; Scheduling meetings and training sessions,then some guy got robbed and assaulted for a buck, Got summonsed to court for an arrest from an old case I don't even remember ( Dam Tequila), there was a big case leak somewhere in the city so the radio was nuts, baby stolen from a hospital in the bronx, boss sent me to a hearing I knew nothing about so i wasn't prepared and I had to show my guys exactly how i wanted a case investigated. Ok finished all that and its 9:15.
This is when it got really busy but i won't bore you with the details.

Keys, Wallet, Shield, cell phone..... What the hell did I forget!!

Maybe I'm not missing anything. I'm probably not used to being so eager to get to work on a monday.

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